Available for freelance projects or full-time positions.
Working remotely with clients worldwide. 

Digital design and branding expert with 15 years of experience as a senior product designer and design director. My passion is crafting beautiful things that leave a lasting impression.

Clients and brands I’ve worked with
Toyota, Samsung, Nivea, Harley-Davidson, Toptal, Ciena, Eletrobras, Blind, SeriousBusiness, Resn, Studio-BA, Ag2 Publisys

Describli - Product Design
Describli was an early-stage startup that uses the power of data and analytics to help self-publishing authors make smarter marketing decisions. The goal was to release the product MVP, from the branding to high-fidelity mockups in a very short time. I was responsible for the web app wireframes, user experience (UX), user interface (UI), visual design, interactive prototypes, and branding.
The design concept for Zero Hard Seltzer is inspired by the brand's message of being a fresh and vibrant drink. The goal is to capture the essence of the product and communicate it effectively through its visual identity. The color palette is a combination of bright, bold, and refreshing hues that evoke feelings of energy and excitement. A modern and sleek font is used to convey the brand's contemporary and innovative personality. My role: Creative Concept/Branding/Package Design/3D Design/Web Design/Art Direction
Toptal - Talent Stories
Talent Stories interview website proposal
Redesign proposal for recruitment.com. My role: Creative Concept/Branding/UI Design/Art Direction
Garoa Skincare
Art direction and 3D design
Garoa Skincare
Animation and 3D design
Delta Development website design. My role: UI Design/Art Direction
Tudoo app
Tudoo mobile app. (iOS and Android) My role: Product Design/UI Design/Art Direction